Apple’s Awesome Applecare

So my mother has had a Macbook Air (2008) model for over a year now. Honestly it’s been kind fo a trial to own the machine. The machine has been in and out for repairs at least 3 times in the past year. So I was taking a look at the machine about a month ago and noticed the screen was flickering and the screen hinge was loose. Considering the Applecare was due to expire in April 2011 I figured I’d take it in and get it all fixed. Went to the Apple store, and naturally they shipped it off to their repair center and upon receipt of the machine it was exhibiting the exact same screen hinge issue. It’s worth noting that the last round of repairs required 2 times of the same repair to actually get it fixed correctly. So after this latest repair not fixing the issue I was a bit annoyed so when I went to the same Apple Store I was at a week earlier for the exact same issue I kind of was irate.

The manger and the techs were exceedingly nice. And after a bit of paperwork they actually returned the old macbook air and gave me a BRAND NEW 13″ Macbook Pro. They swapped out a nearly 3 year old Macbook Air 1.6Ghz for a brand spanking new 1.86Ghz 13″ 128GB SSD Macbook Air. Not only that they re-issued AppleCare on the new machine so it’s covered for the next 3 years! I have to give Apple many thanks for such an astounding result. I honestly wasn’t expecting this but it’s certainly nice to know it can actually happen. My mother is quite pleased with the rather substancial upgrade. The only issue I have is the fact that my mother for what she does with her computer will not have any need to ever buy a computer for the next 3 years. But I will tell you it’s left an impression on me and my mother. So we will likely be getting new Macs in the future.

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